Sunday, December 4, 2011

TC Electropunk 6 CD release party

TC Electropunk 6 CD release party
Here are last night's photos that I took at the TC Electropunk 6 CD release party. I stayed for most of the night. I left prior to As/Of's set because I was tired and not feeling all that great.  Everyone who went to the show got a free copy of the cd. can also download it for free on bandcamp. My favorite set of the night was by the Thought Thieves. The band has recently decided to go in a more synth direction which I personally think they should have done a long time ago. Not that I didn't love their synth-rock sound but the new direction they have taken has really made me love the band even more so.

I have to admit I am not really crazy about Avenpitch (at least the vocals live) but I will say that they are a real hoot to watch, namely their lead singer who has all the energy and spunk of a 13 year old (and I say that in a good way). Who else could wonder all over the stage and club while singing effortlessly. I do though have liked what few songs I have heard recorded. Best song of the night had to be Avenpitch's "Manscaping". Holy crap! I was LMAO through out the entire song.

I was really pleased with what I have heard from The Night. I have always wanted to see the duo live and I was definitely not disappointed. The band has a show coming up at the 7th Street Entry on the 21st but I probably won't go since it is on a work night and I really just don't like going out during the work week to be honest.

 Also enjoyed sets by Albuterol, OneNeoEon, OBCT, and Kether. All in all it was a good night for me.

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