Sunday, January 22, 2012

Albums that I am currently listening to

Geodesic: Live Transmission 1
This was one of 2 EPs that I bought last weekend when I went to see Geodesic at 7th Street Entry with some other bands performing that night. This EP was recorded live at Ground Zero last year. I have to admit the music didn't quite stand out with me as the other EP Myriad did. I still enjoy listening to Live Transmission 1. It isn't what I normally listen to but Geodesic's music is a nice change of pace from the synthpop, dark electropop, and aggrotech I tend to listen to.

Spectra Paris: License to Kill

I am a big fan of Kirlian Camera, especially Eleni Alice Fossi's vocals. I decided to check out her other band Spectra Paris's most recent album License to Kill. I am really enjoying the album. The music isn't as dark as Kirlian Camera's music. The music has more of a rock-edge to it. The lyrics are more light-hearted, if not playful. With songs like "Carrie Satan" and "Movie Ghouls", this listener can tell that the band isn't interested in being serious. This is fun, catchy electropop.

Die Braut:Psychotherapy

I recently came across Die Braut's music through youtube (i.e their music video for their song "The New Man"). I was totally blown away by the band's brand of aggrotech. I was quickly reminded of Suicide Commando and Unter Null. I definitely recommend checking out this excellent aggrotech band from Chile if you dig Suicide Commando and Unter Null. Very aggressive yet melodic music.

Blutengel: Nachtbringer & Tranenherz Live

I have to admit when the video for "Nachtbringer" first came out, I really wasn't all that impressed but now that I have bought the latest album from Blutengel, the song has really grown on me considerably. I am assuming that the first eight tracks were discarded songs from the Tranenherz sessions and Chris Pohl decided to release them for his fans along with some demo tracks. The 2nd disc is a dvd of live concert footage. Overall I think this is for diehard Blutengel fans and not for those looking to buy their first Blutengel cd. Just my $0.02. For this diehard fan, this cd/dvd set was definitely worth the money.

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