Saturday, January 7, 2012

Countdown to the Apocalypse at the Triple Rock

Countdown to the Apocalypse

So for my first live show of 2012 I went to The Triple Rock Social Club for the Countdown to the Apocalypse featuring Gabriel and the Apocalypse with Uzza, I,Corvinus, and Pinwheel. It was a fun night. Up first was the post-punk/dark wave band Uzza. I have seen Uzza a few times over the last few years and have come to really enjoy the band's music. I particularly enjoyed last night's set. You can check out their music on their reverbnation page at the link I just posted. I think Uzza has one of the most original sounds in the local music scene that I have heard in the last few years. I feel like their sound takes the best elements of the past (i.e post-punk/glam rock) and combines it with modern rock. Last night's set I felt like I was taking a trip into '70s glam rock with a heavy dose of punk rock guitar riffs.

I,Corvinus was up next with their brand of infectious yet hard-hitting prog/metal. I really enjoyed this band immensely. I am not a big metal fan (especially in the local music scene I have to admit) but I,Corvinus really hit the spot for me. In metal music today, the guttural/cookie monster on acid vocals is the rage and to not hear that in this band was very refreshing to my ears. You can check their music out on their reverbnation page.

After I,Corvinus, was Pinwheel. I would best describe their music as prog-metal. My friend Renee thought their music was in the same vein as say Tool and A Perfect Circle. For fans of those bands, I think Pinwheel would be right up their alley. I have to admit their music isn't my cup of tea however I will say that they are a talented band certainly worth checking out live for those into prog-metal music. From what I know, Pinwheel does quite a few shows GATA.

Finally the show ended with the band that I was pretty much there for that night...Gabriel and the Apocalypse. Definitely worth seeing that night. This was like my 3rd or 4th time of seeing the band perform live and I was not disappointed. The band played a good number of songs from their new album New World Disaster. I loved hearing my favorite song "Silent War" live.

All in all last night was a lot of fun. I wish though I could have also seen Thought Thieves perform live but I have no doubt I will again (like in March for the I:Scintilla show ;)). I will say this...whoever thought it was a good idea to book Emilie Autumn live at the Triple Rock has obviously NEVER seen her concerts live. Stage is way too small as is the venue, plus she has a huge cult following. At this point, I rather see her at Station 4 again which is saying a lot.

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  1. Silent War really shows off the band's songwriting skills. It's my favorite, as well.

    GATA have a show in February at Station 4 with like a bazillion other bands: I am quite excited, as Circus of Dead Squirrels are on the bill. Listening to CODS now in an attempt to drown out my upstairs neighbor's dog's whining. The show isn't up on the Station 4 site yet, but Lindy mentioned it last night when I talked to her.