Monday, January 16, 2012

Geodesic with Static Image, Dissociate,and Counterfeit I at 7th Street Entry

Geodesic with Static Image, Dissociate, and Counterfeit I at 7th Street Entry

Here are the photo results from last night's show at 7th Street Entry. Despite having been living in Minneapolis for over a decade now, this was the first time I have been to the 7th Street Entry I must confess. I like it. Place has the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen in a club setting. Almost wanted to deck some obnoxious bimbos (or at least throw my PBR tall boy at them)sitting right behind me because they clearly were: a) drunk and b) had no idea about the bands performing and were just there to drink more and barely watch some live music (regardless of the type of music the bands were performing). I know they weren't there for the bands because I overheard them mention how terrible the band (Geodesic or maybe it was Counterfeit I) were performing.

Asides from the three morons sitting behind me, I had good time. Picked up 2 EPs from Geodesic which I really like (and most likely will review here on my blog), not only are those guys my friends but I totally dig their music a lot. I really enjoyed Dissociate even though I normally don't care for experimental industrial music (after reviewing so many cds in that area for a well known website a few years ago, I got turned off by that sort of industrial music). Counterfeit I was okay, definitely not my cup of tea I'll be brutually honest. I wouldn't go as far as to say they are terrible but my musical preferences leans more towards something more melodic like Kirlian Camera, Blutengel, Javelynn, The Break Ups, and Parralox. Another reason I was at the show was for my friends in Static Image. This time Jesse sang a couple of songs while Tracey worked the synthesizers. I think the band is improving with every gig that I have seen them (which is most). All in all it was a good night for local music.

Speaking of local music, if you haven't read the article Golden Age of Minnesota Music I would strongly recommend reading it now. When I first moved back to Minnesota 12 years ago, I was totally out of touch with the music scene and well to be honest not really impressed with it either. It wasn't until 2008 when I started to find some real gems in the metro area like Bella Koshka and Pop Incorporated. Since then, I have come to love my local music scene.

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