Thursday, February 16, 2012

Albums that I am currently listening to

Polica: Give You the Ghost

Rarely do I fall for the hype machine that fawns over new or establish artists and bands. So much over local band Polica has been made in the local music scene, I eventually had to check out the band's music via youtube. Much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying the songs by the band. Today I picked up a copy of their debut album Give You the Ghost which was released earlier this week. I am really enjoying the band's music. I can't really categorize Polica's music. There certainly elements of electronica, hip hop, and jazz music. I will admit the vocals and use of auto-tune might annoy some people but I like the results.

Goldfrapp: The Singles

Earlier this week, I heard the song "Melancholy Sky" by Goldfrapp off youtube.

I loved the song right away. After being so disappointed with their last studio album and pretty much given up on the duo, Goldfrapp finds a way to make me love them again. Along with the Polica and cds I bought today, I bought The Singles for "Melancholy Sky" alone. So worth every penny I spent on the album. The song sounded like it would have been perfect on the duo's Seventh Tree (one of my favorite Goldfrapp albums of all time). Revelations

I have been wanting this album since I heard a few tracks of the album online. I am not disappointed.

The Raveonettes: Raven in the Grave

I found the latest album by The Raveonettes last weekend at the library. For me, the band's work has been spotty. Their previous album In and Out of Control had its moments but by the end of the album, I was not impressed. I absolutely hated Lust Lust Lust. This was not the case with Raven in the Grave. I think the band has returned to their brand of '60s garage rock ala Jesus and the Mary Chain meets The Shirelles.

The Puppini Sisters: Hollywood

I have been a big fan of The Puppini Sisters for several years now. I recently found out that they had a new album (released last year). Hollywood took me awhile to grow on me. Music didn't really stick out with me initially but after several listens I have come to appreciate their latest collection of retro-pop standards.

Solar Fake: Frontiers

Last week, I discovered Solar Fake through youtube and loved what I had heard so I ended up ordering the one man project's latest album Frontiers.

It goes without saying that I have been listening to the album constantly.

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