Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boxcar Strainsun - A Giant Orange Sash Over the Pacific Ward Skies

Boxcar Strainsun: A Giant Orange Sash of the Pacific Ward Skies

Being an avid music fan, it is hard for me to find new, obscure artists even my musician friends have never heard of. Boxcar Strainsun is that rare gem that I alone have discovered. Boxcar Strainsun is a musician from New Mexico. He has been influenced by jazz, gangsta rap, punk music, PJ Harvey, Cocteau Twins, and Massive Attack (and trip hop music in general), a mix bag to say the very least.You can hear elements of his diverse influences in his debut album A Giant Orange Sash Over the Pacific Ward Skies.

It is very rare for this avid music fan to hear an album where the sound can not be easily pigeonholed into one particular genre or sound.While A Giant Orange Sash Over the Pacific Ward Skies can easily be categorized as electronica but Boxcar Strainsun takes elements from every sub-genre in electronic music and creates a sound of his own. The album isn't the easiest to digest for this listener's ears.  The beats is in the forefront while the melodies takes a backseat.

One of the songs that did stand out with me was "Paper Wings".

This is one of the  more accessible tracks on the album which is why I like it quite a bit.

Another track off the album that I like is "Sueno".

I like the mellow groove of the song. It is a nice, pleasant song to chill out to.

The diverse sounds is both Boxcar Strainsun's strength and weakness. The music is definitely not predictable. Because each song does not sound remotely alike, the flow of the album is chaotic and disjointed. The beats can be often unnerving. On the upside,A Giant Orange Sash Over the Pacific Ward Skies is not your mamby-pamby Owl City-like electro-pop lite album. Boxcar Strainsun is not interested in creating a wimpy pop album. The beats and sounds certainly shows through in his music. The music really goes well as background music while driving in the car. I definitely think that is the best way to listen to the debut album by Boxcar Strainsun.

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