Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Collide - Bending and Floating

Yesterday Collide posted online their new music video for "Bending and Floating". I have already posted it on my FB page but for those NOT on FB, here is the video.

BTW...THANKS for those who have shared last night's blog entry. The positive feedback has been amazing. I didn't really think that blog entry would be read and shared by as many people has it has been. I decided because I missed a few artists/bands I have started a follow up to that blog entry. I should note that those artists and bands are not just runner ups or honorable mentions. They are just as important as I have listed in my blog last night. In the future, I also plan on doing a 100 greatest men in music list too. I think that might even be more of a challenge to me. I am going to take my time on that list. I won't say when I will post the list. Just keep an eye out for it both here and on Facebook :).

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