Saturday, September 15, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Dead Can Dance: Anastasis

Icon of Coil: Machines are Us

Dido: No Angel

Delerium: Karma

Grimes: Visions

Tearwave: Different Shade of Beauty

Twitch the Ripper: Colorblind

Ikon: Subversion

Got a bunch of new music in the last few weeks, especially today when I hit the Electric Fetus' garage sale.I decided to go inside the store first to see what they had in stock. I almost got the new De/Vision album Rockets and Swords but I quickly changed my tune when I saw Colorblind by Twitch the Ripper. I am glad I got the album. As a huge synthpop fan, Colorblind is pure bliss. The Grimes album Visions is excellent. I almost forgot that she was coming to town next month so I bought my ticket online tonight. I missed owning Karma and No Angel so I picked up those cds today. Out of curiousity, I bought the single "Subversion" by IKON. Really liked what I had heard on it. The IOC album was bought at the show I went to earlier this week and I had the DCD new album for 2-3 weeks now. Love both albums.

Right now I am still waiting for The Bellwether Syndicate EP to be released and recently ordered the latest And One cd which should arrive next week. Next month, I will be getting the new albums by Caustic, In Strict Confidence and The Birthday Massacre.

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