Thursday, September 13, 2012

Icon of Coil - Minneapolis, MN 09.12.12

Icon of Coil Minneapolis Show

Another Kilted Farmer Koncerts show has come and gone. I had a blast last night. Of course I bought the VIP package for the show so I could meet the band. Unfortunately Sebastian was stuck in customs so he couldn't make it to the show :(. On the up side, I got to see Chris Norris (Erica Dunham's better half) again after meeting him 2 years ago at the Unter Null show. I was thrilled he recognized me after all that time. Andy of IOC/Combichrist/Scandy/Panzer Ag also recognized me (I should hope so after doing the VIP for Combichrist the last 2 times they were in town). So me and a few others got to meet and chat with Andy and Christian. They also signed posters and took pix too. I ended up buying a IOC towel and a copy of Machines Are Us.

The show itself was a lot of fun. All four bands put on excellent performances. I am always impressed with Gabriel and the Apocalypse's live set. Granted the two local bands Dissociate and GATA didn't play long, they still managed to put on two killer live sets. SITD was as good as they were when I first saw them four years ago with Imperative Reaction and Aesthetic Perfection. They performed for about an hour or so. Loved every second of their set. Icon of Coil totally lived up to my expectations. I had trouble taking pix of Andy because he moved around on stage so much. I eventually gave up and just started dancing to the music. I could feel the energy of the audience as everyone danced to IOC's music. I kinda wished they performed "Everlasting" but overall I was very happy with the set list. All in all, it was a good night. I saw many of my peeps at the club and met some new people. Good music, good times.

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