Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Got a few kickass CDS in the last couple of weeks. I have been enjoying them immensely.

Moonlight Cove: Orphans of the Storm

I finally got my copy of Moonlight Cove's first album from poponaut. I am so addicted to the album as well as the Swedish synthpop band in general. After listening to a few tracks from the album on youtube,I finally found a website that was selling Orphans of the Storm and ordered it. I was not disappointed. I can honestly say I can't pick a favorite between the band's two albums. Both are a joy to listen to.

Tegan and Sara: Heartthrob

I'm not going to pretend and say that I am a diehard fan of Tegan and Sara. Like 'em? You betcha. I have heard a couple of albums by them and liked what I heard but being a big fan of electronic-based music, their previous material never really caught on with me. That is until now with their latest album Heartthrob. I had heard that the duo went all electro-pop on their new album so I took a listen to a few tracks online and liked it enough that I bought a copy. I am really digging Heartthrob immensely. Very catchy and fun to listen. Definitely will end up on my best of list at the end of the year.

Nightwish: End of An Era

Lately I have been listenin to a lot of Nightwish especially Nightwish with Tarja. A couple of weeks ago I picked up End of An Era, at the time I didn't realize it was a live album. I'm glad that I bought it though. The live album brings back fond memories of the 2004 concert I went to.

Blutengel: Monument

I finally got my copy of Monument yesterday. I had shelled out $68 for the box set which includes a 100 page book (of course in German), a tribute to Blutengel's career and three cds featuring bonus tracks and piano versions of a few Blutengel classics. I absolutely love the album (sans "Save Your Soul", my least favorite track on the album).

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