Friday, February 15, 2013

My least favorite albums

Earlier today on my personal FB page, I had posted a status update about Delerium's Chimera and how it is one of my least favorite album from the ambient/pop group. It immediately gave me tonight's blog least favorite albums. I always talk about my favorite albums (past and present) so why not my least favorite albums? I should note that I do not hate the following albums, just disappointed in the body of work by the bands. I also am going to mention that the bands that I will be mentioning are bands I adore so what I say about the following albums do not reflect on the bands as a whole. I would take tonight's post with a grain of salt. Enough with my rambling, here is my top 10 least favorite albums.

10. Republica - Speed Ballads

I absolutely loved and still love Republica's first album. When I was really into the band back in the '90s, I bought their second album Speed Ballads without hesitation. Wish I didn't spend around $20 on an album filled with all filler tracks. The songs lacked the same infectiousness in the melodies and energy in the beats. I recently came across the band's Facebook page and as it turns out, the band is making new music. I'm excited although slightly concerned that the new tunes will be like the material on Speed Ballads but I have to have faith in the band to create some excellent tuneage.

09. Angelzoom - Nothing is Infinite

I absolutely love Angelzoom's first album. I thought it was a really solid pop album but when Nothing is Infinite came out 3 years ago, I felt totally let down. The music was just not up there with the band's self-titled album. I found the melodies to be very flat and lifeless. I hope when they put out a new album, the material will be much stronger than on Nothing is Infinite.

08. Dido - Safe Trip Home

Most boring album ever. At least one of the most boring albums I have ever subjected myself to.

07. Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man

I love Bat for Lashes first two albums. They are pretty damn good if not flawless. So it came tome as a shock when I was left unimpressed and bored with the latest Bat for Lashes album The Haunted Man.

06. Curve - Come Clean

While not terrible, Come Clean was not exactly the most exciting album I have heard from my favorite British rock band. I just felt like I was listening to the same damn song over and over again. IMHO Gift was a far better album.

05. Nightwish - Century Child

This is easily my least favorite Nightwish album with Tarja. I just find the material mediocre in comparison to most of their albums. It's not bad but I just don't think there is anything to write home about this album.

04. Delerium - Chimera

The choice in singers on this album is what makes listening to it so unpleasant. I found some of the singers quite shrill for my liking. I didn't care for some of the lyrics too (i.e too sentimental IMHO). Thankfully I do like their new album a lot.

03. Hanzel und Gretyl - Ausgeflippt

I love HuG but their first album is just horrible. There I said it. Go check out 2012 Zwanzig Zwolf or Uber Alles or Scheissmessiah.

02. The Bangles - Sweethearts of the Sun

As big fan of The Bangles, I was really disappointed with their latest effort (sans Michael Steele who had retired from the music business). Not having Michael in the band really showed in the lyrics and music.

01. Faithless - No Roots

There really was a time when I just loved Faithless. I lived and breathed for this band. Then they put out this turkey called No Roots. It did not have a signature epic dance track like they had on their previous albums. I simply didn't like their grittier sound the UK group created on this album and that is what led me to stop buying their music. No Roots totally alienated this longtime fan.

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