Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Songs I can't stop listening to

I think I am just going to scrap my whole mix of the week/month blog series. I think it is just easier to post a bunch of my favorite songs that I am digging at the moment. Damn you Mixpod for no longer to be able to afford to keep up all the servers running! J/K :P. So here is my current favorite songs that I have been listening to incessantly.

Moonlight Cove: Smile Of Low

This song is so damn catchy. I finally got around to ordering the band's first album Orphans of the Storm. I can't wait to get my copy. I love this band too much.

Animal Alpha: Bundy

This is the song that was played at the end credits of the film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. I absolutely loved the song. Thank heavens I found it on youtube with no problems. Too bad the band is no longer together. I totally dig this song and the other songs I have heard (so far) from them.

Luna Mortis: Forevermore

I was listening to the band's album The Absence today (on my metal kick). I almost forgot how much I dig this band and their album. Too bad they are no longer together and I never got to see them perform live. Oh well. Still love this track.

Blutengel: You Walk Away

I think this goes without explaination ;).

Djerv: Madman

Agnete used to sing in the band Animal Alpha. I spent a bit of time listening to Djerv's music today while at work. Really dig their song. I especially dug this particular tune.

Omega Lithium: Pjesma

I was listening to some Omega Lithium today and almost forgot how much I love this song.

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