Saturday, April 11, 2015

Covenant at Amsterdam Bar and Hall with The Labrynth and AslOf on 04.09.15

Friday night I finally got to see the Swedish synthpop band Covenant. The last time they were in the Twin Cities, it was 8 years ago and I missed their show (and hated that I missed it since then). Seattle band The Labrynth and local band As\Of opened up for the legendary band. It was a fantastic show. DJ Nitrogen spun music in between sets while the bands hauled their gear off stage. As\Of was the first to go on and played some of their new album A Million Scars which I still haven't gotten around to listening to it (I bought a USB key at the show) which I know I'm bad...LOL. Judging by what I had heard that night, the music kicked ass. The Labrynth followed up next and performed songs from their debut Eternal EP. If you like Ayria, you definitely will like this band, I know I do. Finally Covenant was up next. They did not disappoint me. They played a mix of old songs and songs from their latest album Leaving Babylon which I bought a copy at the show. I hate saying this but I was totally wrong about Leaving Babylon. I initially thought it was a dull album but after hearing it on my portable stereo as opposed to via spotify, the album is excellent. I do wished that the band performed "Dead Stars", the very first Covenant song I had heard but I was happy that they performed "Call The Ships to Port", one of my personal favorite Covenant songs. In case you missed my pictures and videos from the show, here they are :).

goth_maven's Covenant with The Labrynth album on Photobucket

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