Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs

Old Favorite Songs:
Sugar: If I Can't Change Your Mind (solo mix)

One of my favorite songs from the '90s. I particularly like this solo acoustic mix from Sugar.

Concrete Blonde: Mexican Moon

Next to "Joey" and "Bloodletting", "Mexican Moon" is my personal favorite Concrete Blonde song.

Tears For Fears: Everybody Rules the World

Still one of my favorite songs from my childhood.

New Favorite Songs:
Ari Mason: Uber den Horizont

Absolutely love, love Ari Mason's cover of my favorite Blutengel song.

Sabaton: Far From the Fame

I have been really enjoying the hell out of the Sabaton album I bought last weekend. Super catchy as hell. I especially love this particular song.

Delain: My Masquerade

My favorite song from the band's lastest album Human Contradiction.

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