Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New releases worth checking out

Tonight I thought I would share with my readers some new releases that has come out in the past week or more.

Venal Flesh is a dark electro act from Washington DC, who recently was signed to Belgium record label Alfa Matrix records. They recently released their EP Sacrament to the Scalpel. If you are anything like me and like your music on the harsh side, Venal Flesh is right up your alley. Really kickass tunes.

Local Minneapolis band As/Of just released their second album. I haven't heard it yet but I definitely will be sometime this week. The band will be performing tracks at Thursday's Covenant show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall.

Yesterday I finally got my copy of the new Neuroticfish album A Sign of Life which just came out late last month. It was so worth spending the extra money for a physical (import) copy of the album. I definitely recommend buying it. It is really good.

Some new aggrotech from Cynical Existence. So far I like what I have heard. Need to listen to the entire album when I have the time. Maybe at work. LOL!

It feels like an eternity since Regenerator last put out an album. Hearing new music from the band makes me very happy. The new album sounds great.

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