Saturday, August 22, 2015

Album Of The Week: Resonance by VNV Nation

Although the album has been out since mid June (here in the US), I chose VNV Nation's Resonance as my Album Of The Week pick. Ever since seeing a couple of clips of VNV Nation performing orchestral versions of a few songs from their catalog via youtube a couple of years ago, I always felt the band needed to put out an album of their songs re-done in a classical vein. My dreams came true over the summer. I was not disappointed. Resonance is a beautiful album.. The overall mood of the album is subdued and mellow which I personally liked. I also enjoyed the selections chosen for this album. I don't know if there was really a need for two versions of "Nova" though. I find myself preferring the Largo version of "Nova" over the Maetoso.  While I do love the song "Sentinel" I felt it would have been more beneficial if the tempo was picked up more and have more of a bombastic sound to the song. Overall Resonance is a wonderful album to unwind to especially on a rainy night like tonight.


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