Saturday, November 21, 2015

Albums I am currently listening to

Really loving the new Conjure One album Holoscenic. The last two C1 albums have been a mixed bag for me. What surprises me that I actually like "Under the Gun" featuring Leigh Nash. I initially hated it when it first came out but after hearing it for the first time yesterday when I streamed the album on Spotify, I found myself liking the song. While the first Conjure One album will always be my favorite C1 album, Holoscenic is a fantastic album of ambient/pop music. I hope someday the album becomes available on CD. I bought a copy of it via Google Play but it would be nice to be able to listen to it on my stereo.

While a lot of Grimes' fans are not happy with this album, I absolutely adore Art Angels. The album is certainly a contrast from the dark sound of Visions and a lot more poppier, I like this direction that Grimes has taken with her new album. Too bad the physical copy of the new album won't become available until December.

Back to the Woods has been my morning/afternoon soundtrack when I am commuting to work and going home. Still not a big fan of hip hop music in general however Angel Haze has convinced me that not all hip hop music is rubbish. Angel has definitely gotten better as both a rapper and lyricist. The material on Back to the Woods is excellent in my opinion. I can certainly see this being on my end of the year list of best of 2015 albums.

Until Honeymoon, I have been on the fence about Lana Del Rey's music. Prior to Honeymoon, I liked some of Lana's songs and some not so much. Out of curiosity, I streamed her new album via Spotify and much to my surprise I found myself enjoying every single track on the album.

Fantastic collaboration between Dave Gahan and Soulsavers. To be honest I like this album more so than Depeche Mode's albums in recent years.

What else can I say about this album that I haven't already said before? It is a funky little album. I really dig Emika's sounds. She has certainly made a fan out of me.

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