Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs:

Old Favorite Songs:

Not a big fan of country music or The Dixie Chicks' music (which has nothing to do with politics) but I do adore "Everybody Knows". After hearing the news this week that the band is going be playing at the MN State Fair next year, I started listening to the few songs that I do like by the band. This is my personal favorite.

I miss the series "Cold Case" but I will always have its theme song.

There really isn't many pop artists that I like but P!nk I dig. I especially love her last album The Truth About Love and her song "Just Give Me A Reason". After three years, I still love this song. So damn catchy.

New Favorite Songs:

I have been listening to the new Angel Haze album Back to the Woods a lot this week after seeing Angel perform live this past Saturday night (she was amazing IMHO). "On Fire" is one of my favorite tracks off her new album. I love that she both sings and raps on this song. Her delivery is fantastic as is her singing abilities.

Picking a song off the latest album Drei for tonight's blog was not easy for me. I ended up picking my new favorite song off the album. I am really hooked on Emika's music.

Beautiful ballad. End of story.

This morning before work I listened to this new song by Grimes and absolutely fell in love with it right away. Before dinner tonight, I listened to the album on Spotify. I definitely plan on buying the new Grimes album this weekend.

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