Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Open Letter to Jimmy Iovine

This afternoon after work, I came across an article on Jimmy Iovine on Facebook in which he says that women have trouble finding music is difficult for women. You can read more here. I decided that tonight's blog will be a response to Iovine's comments.

Dear Jimmy,

I don't know what year you live in but it sure isn't the 1980s or even the '90s but it is 2015. Your recent comments about women finding music difficult really pissed me off. I am both a woman and an avid music fanatic. I found your comments rather insulting to my intelligence. Your comments implied that women are shallow and fickle. While I do admit that there are SOME women who are rather fickle and clueless about music but those women are in the minority while most do know what they like when it comes to music, I think it is disingenuous to imply that all women are like that way.

I run my own music blog called The Twin Cities Underground. I created this blog because for the pure reason that I love music especially goth, industrial, and synthpop music. I originally created this blog to help promote some concerts for a local promoter but overtime my blog posts evolved  into exposing some really great unheard bands to the masses. I don't make any money running my blog which is okay with me because I am in it because I love music. I work hard to look for new music online or in my local record stores. It isn't an easy feat and it can be a tedious process but I am able to find some really talented artists/bands who deserves attention which is hard to find in the dark electro scene. I do work hard at finding new music and I believe it shows in my work as a blogger.

While I do love music that is dark and aggressive, my tastes runs amok from the likes of hip hop artist Angel Haze to alternative rock artist Chelsea Wolfe. I also enjoy some classical music and some Dolly Parton. Does this sound like that I do not know how to find music? I am not stupid nor lazy. I  go online to sites like Bandcamp, Youtube, and Apple's rival Spotify for finding new music. Sometimes on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I will come across some interesting new bands. Your comments implying that members of my gender do not know how to find music is insulting especially to this music junkie who just happens to be a woman. Many of my male friends who are musicians knows the amount of work I put into my blog and showing support to my local music scene and music in general, and they respect me for my effort. You not so much. You clearly have made your views on women known in your tv appearance promoting Apple Music.

I pride myself in my work with my blog. I will be damned if some overpaid hack is going to insult my intelligence as a woman. As far as using Apple's streaming service, no thanks! I hope Apple's new streaming service fails. I'll stick to Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube.


A disgruntled music fan

Erica (the owner of this blog)

P.S...I am more than capable of making my own mixtape. This Spotify playlist is proof of that statement so please put a cork in it and STFU!

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