Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Album Of The Week: X-Communicate by Kristin Kontrol

It hasn't been quite a week since I saw Garbage at the Skyway Theatre. The band sounded and looked amazing sans Butch Vig who was home with a sinus infection and couldn't travel. Opening for Garbage was Kristin Kontrol, a new musical project from Kristin Welchez (aka Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls). Kristin Kontrol is nothing like Dum Dum Girls' music. The music is more electronic based than rock. I had to listen to the album a few times for the music to grow on me but once the music stared to sink in, I started to really enjoy the album as a whole. I am so used to her work with Dum Dum Girls which is probably why it took me awhile to take to this album.
I love hearing a different sound from Kristin. I certainly would say X-Communicate can be added to my growing list of best of list for 2016. Go check it out!

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