Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best of 2016 (so far) and other thoughts

Well June is over so 2016 is a little halfway over. I thought I would share my favorite releases that I have heard this year.

|Right now I am particularly loving the new albums by Tegan and Sara and Bats for Lashes. I wish I could have included the new albums by De/Vision, Carved Souls, and Garbage but I can't. I either found the music flat and uninteresting or I just straight up did not like the album (Garbage, sorry but I just did not like there album). I'll be honest, the most interesting music I have been hearing has been hip hop music. Just not really feeling the goth/industrial scene as I once was. The music is starting to sound all the same for me. That said I have found some releases this year I dig. I love the new direction that Decoded Feedback has taken with Dark Passenger and Transformation by Dark Insights is just classic EBM/Futurepop, reminiscent of Assemblage 23 and VNV Nation. Also a huge fan of Ari Mason's Creatures. Been a fan of her work since finding her on youtube a couple of years ago. Finally please check out the little known synthpop acts Purple Fog Side and Synthwave. They are so freaking awesome. 

Honorable Mentions:

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