Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Perfectionist (Deluxe Edition) by Natalia Kills

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Swedish pop star Robyn perform live at First Avenue. Her opening act was English pop singer Natalia Kills. She only performed a few songs but that was because she didn't have a full length album out yet. Natalia Kills (aka Teddy Sinclair) reminded me of Lady Gaga vocal-wise. Fast forward to 2015 when she and her husband Willy Moon were on the show The X-Factor and essentially ruined their music careers for the verbal dressing down on a contestant. That put me off her music for some time until I recently came across her deluxe edition of Perfectionist. A lot of the songs are new to me since this is the deluxe edition which had more songs than the version I bought a few years ago. I have to admit I found myself enjoying the album. The music is super catchy however I still can't forgive her and her numbskull husband for their behavior on television.

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