Thursday, August 3, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

I thought I would post this week's playlist of my current favorite songs tonight because I am having dinner with a friend tomorrow night. A lot of the songs was going to be featured on last week's playlist before I found out my father had passed away the night before. I did include a few songs I have been finding some comfort from such as Allison Moorer's "Mockingbird" and "Ball and Chain" by Social Distortion.  I can so relate to the lyrics in both songs. I also love Allison Moorer's vocals on "Mockingbird" as well as the melancholy feel to the song.

In the past couple of days I have really taken a shine to the darkwave/goth band Stoa . Their music is so soothing especially since I am in mourning over the passing of my father.  Super chill music. I can also say the same thing about Hans Zimmer's score for Angels and Demons which wasn't that great of a movie but I love the music especially "503".

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