Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Different Drum

Lately I have been on a synthpop binge. Well more like modern synthpop (or futurepop). Right now I am digging Colony 5.

"My World" is my favorite song off their Colonisation album which I recently downloaded off itunes.

I'm really loving A Different Drum records right now. I have bought a lot of cool ass albums through the label. One of my current favorite acts from the label is the Italian electro-pop trio Blume. They are so freaking awesome.

I have been digging their debut album Rise From Grey more so than the new De/Vision album to be honest.
Another great ADD act is Code 64. Too bad their first singer left. He was really good.

The service I get from ordering from ADD is great. I get a free EP from the label along with some promo cards. Shipping is pretty darn fast too. The label has some excellent deals too. Right now there are some cds being sold at $3. Ya can't beat a deal like that at ADD.

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