Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I am currently listening to

Nachtmahr: Alle Lust will Ewigkeit

I was kinda surprised to see my copy of the latest Nachtmahr in my mailbox today. I just listened to it for a second time. Fabulous stuff from L'ame Immortelle's Thomas Rainer. Since I have been digging the harsher stuff in EBM lately this album is right up my alley. I had listened to some of the tracks on youtube this past week which led me to order a copy online.

Colony 5: Colonisation

Back in April/May, I started listening to some Colony 5 online and really started to dig their brand of electro-pop/synthpop. After getting hooked on the song "Plastic World", I ordered the album Fixed (that the song was on) via A Different Drum records. Unfortunately Todd didn't have a copy and had to wait for a copy to get in (just got noticed yesterday that it was sent out...FINALLY). In the meantime, I downloaded off itunes Colonisation which is essentially a best of compilation. This totally makes up for the lackluster Darkness Prevails by Pulcher Femina (which lacked solid pop melodies and strong vocals).

Edge of Dawn: Anything That Gets You Through the Night

I am really digging the new Edge of Dawn album quite a bit. I can definitely hear a bit of Seabound (Frank's other band) in the songs but with beats that are a bit harder (not in the Suicide Commando vein).

Dust of Basement: Meridian

After listening to Dust of Basement through youtube, I recently got around to buying one of their albums. I found on ebay an affordable copy of Meridian, a compilation of the band's music. The band's brand of synthpop is addictive to say the very least.

Ayria: Debris

It has been nearly a month since I saw Project Pitchfork and Ayria at Ground Zero. I bought a copy of Ayria's first album Debris and have been listening to it on a regular basis. I don't really listen to the second disc which contains remixes but the first disc is awesome. I really love the songs "Red Shift", "Start Again", "Debris" and "Disease".

The Spiritual Bat: Through the Shadows

Now this is goth music at its finest. I saw these guys two weekends ago at The Bedlam Theatre. I was quickly reminded of Siouxsie and the Banshees with a bit of Diamanda Galas.

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