Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mix tape

The other day I was inspired by this article from NPR on cassette tapes. I scrounged around my bedroom and found a couple of unused blank cassette tapes. I thought it would be fun if I went down memory lane and made myself a mix tape even though making mix tapes is essentially outdated and so 1980s. LOL! But you know what? I had fun. It did bring back memories of my childhood of making mix tapes. Here is my unnamed mix tape:

Side A
01. "I Am Running" - IAMX
02. "Refuse (Acoustic Mix)" - Android Lust
03. "The Teardrop Collector" - Anything Box
04. "First Train Home" - Imogen Heap
05. "Hope (Acoustic)" - Blue October UK
06. "Lovesong" - Endless Blue
07. "Elements" - Necessary Response
08. "Snowflake" - Scarlet Slipping
09. "The Hardest Walk" - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Side B
01. "I'm So Lonely I Could Cry" - Johnny Cash w/Nick Cave
02. "All My Lovers" - Autumn
03. "Freeways" - Leiahdorus
04. "Club Montepulciano" - Hooverphonic
05. Temptation" - New Order
06. "Blue Room" - Kirlian Camera
07. "Here Comes the Rain Again" - The Cruxshadows
08. "Anchor" - Bella Koshka
09. "Broken Fingers" - iN[s]CissorS

I am including clips of some of the songs from youtube.

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