Monday, October 18, 2010

A preliminary Best of 2010 list

Cut & Coil - Cylab
Take Cair Paramour - Ashbury Heights
Moving On - Unter Null
The Mechanical Renaissance - Psyborg Corp.
Implements of Hell - Suicide Commando
Rise From Grey - Blume
Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit - Nachtmahr
Breedless - Ego Likeness
Popgefahr - De/Vision
Living in Transition - Access Zero
Crucifix Powerbomb - Santa Hates You
Deception Island - Bella Koshka (local band from Minneapolis, MN)
Torture Garden - Various Artists (ambient/darkwave compilation from Shinto Records)
Tear the World Down - We Are the Fallen
Improvised.Electronic.Device - Front Line Assembly
Strangers - System Syn

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