Sunday, July 17, 2011



If you haven't heard of the band Javelynn, now you have. Javelynn is the new project by former Ashbury Heights singer Yasmine Uhlin who left AH prior to its legal troubles with its record label. The band features Johan Andersson and Elle  (who joined the duo in 2009).

Judging by what I have heard so far from the band, I am totally excited for fall release of their debut album Chimaera at Heart. I would personally describe their sound as mix of synthpop and electroclash thrown together into a blender. The results is Javelynn. Ashbury Heights this is not but that is a good thing. It is best not to replicate your past band and forge ahead with a new sound, and Yasmine Uhlin has done that with her new group. I am hooked. Rarely am I this excited over a debut album by an up and coming band but I am now with Javelynn.

You can find Javelynn's song "Wannabe" on the new Awake the Machines 7 compilation.

With Ashbury Heights in stuck in limbo and possibly may never make new music ever again, Javelynn will be more than able to fill the void that Ashbury Heights has left in my heart.  To be perfectly honest, Yasmine's vocals is what really made that band special to me. Her departure from AH was a bit of a let down for me although I did love Anders' collaboration with Keri Berg.

I have posted a link to Javelynn's Myspace page at the top of my blog entry. You can also find them on Facebook as well. I hope people who are fans of Ashbury Heights will be as excited as I am over Javelynn's music. Fall can hardly get here soon enough (lots of awesome music to be released that and I am sick of the hot weather here in Minnesota...haha). So please check out Javelynn.

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