Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random thoughts

I forgot to mention this last month but it has been officially a year since I created this blog. I didn't think it would last this long since my previous blogs on didn't last any longer than six months (at the most). I think what helped was my experience helping out Trace with promoting his shows as Kilted Farmer Koncerts. That really inspired a lot of my blog entries here. Another source of inspiration has been youtube and the music I would find (and end up buying). In the last several months, I have even gotten the attention of some of my favorite artists for some of my writing whether be it was Erica Dunham's Unterbites or my ramblings on my favorite bands like Sensuous Enemy and Javelynn (more like new favorite).  I have posted a link to the Facebook page for The Twin Cities Underground with all the links of my favorite artists/bands. My intentions from the beginning (and remains so) is to share my love of music with the public. I have no high expectations for this blog. I just hope that some people will check out a few of the artists that I write about here on my blog.

With July inching closer to the end, that means fall is getting closer and closer. With everything that I have been reading online, this autumn is going to be awesome for new music. For me personally I am most excited about the new albums by Stray, VNV Nation, Javelynn, Ladytron, God Module, and Pop Incorporated. I have to admit I am on the fence about Imperative Reaction. I do like their new song "Surface" immensely but I am afraid of being left unimpressed like I was with their previous studio album. I also am planning on seeing Ladytron and VNV Nation this fall too. They will make up for the fact that Imperative Reaction and The Birthday Massacre will once again pass by the Twin Cities.

Oh if you are wondering what is up with my blog, I have given it a much needed makeover. After a year, I felt it was time to give it a more personal touch. I may tweak it here and there but for the most part, this is how it is going to look. It isn't so dull as it was before...well, I hope it isn't ;).

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