Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

My latest order from Metropolis records arrived yesterday. Needless to say it felt like Christmas for this music lover ;).

In Strict Confidence: Utopia

I have been loving the new ISC album Utopia. After not listening to them for so long (because I found more interesting bands to be honest), I have fallen back in love with the band on their new album. After hearing several clips off the album online, I was hooked.I just love Nina de Lianin's vocals. Love every single track on the album. I definitely foresee this album in my top ten best of list at the end of the year.

The Birthday Massacre: Hide and Seek

I admit, I didn't like Pins and Needles. I am not going to make any bones about my dislike for the previous TBM full length album. As much as I didn't care for it, I wasn't willing to dismiss them. I knew they could put out better music and on a whim I had pre-ordered Hide and Seek back in July (along with Caustic and ISC's new albums). I was not disappointed. Hide and Seek immediately reminded me what made me love the band to start with...Chibi's vocals and their ability to write a good pop hook.

Caustic: The Man Who Couldn't Stop

This is one of my most highly anticipated fall releases especially after seeing Caustic perform live at The Saloon on Hard Mondays earlier this summer (which was a real treat). His new album did not disappoint me. The nearly 80 minute long album is quite a challenge to listen to I have to admit however Matt breaks it up by delving into various areas of electronic music whether it is digital hard core or trip hop. The most compelling track is the last song on the album "Fin (Again) Born (Again)". It is so unlike any of Caustic song I have ever heard. It is very eery and unsettling for an instrumental track. My other fave is the track "Bleed You Out" featuring Shikhee of Android Lust. Killer jam.

Ego Likeness:East

A few weeks ago I had managed to score a copy of East from Ego Likeness when the band said they still had a few copies of the EP in the Compass series. This (and the re-release of Dragonfly) has solidified me as a diehard Ego Likeness fan. Ego Likeness could sing the phone book and I would still buy their music. lol

P!nk: The Truth About Love

Yes, I admit, I am a P!nk fan. For a long time though, I have totally written her off as a pop tart. That was until Funhouse, her previous album. I found myself enjoying her music then. I think a lot of it was due to her growing maturity level. The problem with her earlier albums is that bad lyrics and she just came off really silly IMHO. When I first heard her first single off The Truth About Love "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", I knew I was going to get that album. The Truth About Love has definitely been getting lots of airtime at home and at work. I especially love her songs "Try" and "Just Give Me A Reason". The album isn't completely perfect (hate "Here Comes the Weekend" and "Where Did the Beat Go") but overall it is a fun album to listen to at work.

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