Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Strict Confidence - Utopia [sample mix]

Tonight I came across several tracks off the new In Strict Confidence album Utopia on youtube courtesy of ISC's singer Nina de Lianin. I put together a small playlist featuring those songs that I had the opportunity to listen to. I must say that from what I have heard, the music is fantastic. I really love Nina's vocals. Her vocals have an operatic quality and adds a new dimension to In Strict Confidence's music. All of the songs that I have heard is fantastic. They all have memorable melodies and great beats. I honestly think Utopia is the best ISC album I have ever least so far. Check out these songs. For those who are sucker for female vocals (like me), I think you won't be disappointed in Utopia.

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BTW...for some odd reason Metropolis Records has removed Utopia from their website. I have emailed the label about this issue and I hope to get a response back soon or before the weekend ends. I have pre-ordered the album. I am wondering if I have to buy a copy elsewhere. I'll post an update on my FB page for those who might have pre-ordered the album too (like me).

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