Thursday, October 25, 2012

Theory of Revolution 2012 review

Theory of Revolution 2012 at The Triple Rock Social Club

Well another concert has come and gone. The Theory of Revolution 2012 featured the British act Deviant UK, Canadian band For All The Emptiness, California band Carved Souls, and as well as local band Thought Thieves. Of course I did the VIP deal for the show. That was really cool. Got to hear all the bands run through sound check. I was duly impressed by the sounds of Deviant UK. I admit I was giddy as a school girl when I met the guys in Carved Souls, one of my new favorite bands of 2012.

The first band to start off the show was For All the Emptiness.

Despite being sick, Jonathan Kaplan sounded great. I loved their set so much. I ended up buying their album Axioms during the night. I also have to say Jonathan is also a great guy too. Very modest about his talents as an artist and played wonderful host for the VIPs. I really recommend checking out Axioms. It is a really great, well-crafted synthpop album.

After FATE, was the main reason I was at the show..Carved Souls. If you haven't heard of these guys, you should NOW.

Despite having to play a mere 30 minutes, the band put on an excellent show. I wished they played "She's All Alone" but overall loved every song the band performed.

Thought Thieves followed after Carved Souls. It has been awhile since I had seen the band perform live. They sounded terrific as always. Most, if not all of the songs they performed live were new to me. Sorry forgot to record footage of the band. I was busy dancing ;).

Finally Deviant UK.

Deviant UK was fucking awesome! I absolutely loved Jay. His interactions with the audience was hilarious. He even moved off stage and into the bar area on a couple of times. The energy in the audience was electrifying even if the audience was pretty small. I spent the entire set dancing to the music. I think I lost a pound or two from jumping so much with the guys in Carved Souls which really made my night. I also bought Deviant UK's latest cd that night too. Great cd might I add. I really loved how all the bands connected with the clubgoers through out the night. They were really accessible and gracious to everyone at the show. Despite the small number of people who attended the show, I have to say this show was my favorite concert (so far) that I have seen this fall.

I would like to say thanks to all the bands for their outstanding performances last night and just being great people. I had a total blast. I would definitely recommend to people to go check out all these bands. They put out some awesome music.

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