Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 songs I never,ever,ever need to hear again

Tonight I was perusing Huffington Post's website when I came across the 10 songs I never, ever, ever need to hear again article. The article quickly inspired me to put together my 10 songs that I never, ever, ever need to hear again.

10. Mambo No.5

09. Love Will Keep Us Together

08. Gangnam Style

07. Drive By

06. Fearless

05. Call Me Maybe

04. Whip My Hair

03. We Built This City

02. I'm Too Sexy

01. Macarena

All of these songs are absolutely hideous. I still have bad dreams about hearing "Macarena" every ten damn minutes in South Padre, TX when I was there for spring break at the height of the song's popularity in the '90s.

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