Monday, January 21, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

State of the Union: Black City Lights

I first heard of State of the Union last year through youtube. As a big fan of synthpop music, of course I would gravitate to their music. Almost a couple of weeks ago I found out that WTII Records was having a sale. Needless to say that was an excuse to buy more music. One of the albums I bought was State of the Union's Black City Lights. It is a fantastic album. Very catchy. I certainly recommend fellow synthpop lovers to check it out this band.


Diseaseis the other album I bought from WTII Records. Regenerator is one of those bands I have been meaning to add their music to my growing music collection for several years now but for some odd reason never got around to. I am really glad I can finally say I own a Regenerator album. Disease definitely proved to me that this is a band that I should have had in my music collection eons ago.

Marsheaux:Lumineaux Noir I first heard of Marsheaux last year on the 7th volume of Awake the Machines from Out of Line Records. Marsheaux is an electro pop duo from Greece. I finally got around to buying their album Lumineaux Noir and have been listening to it constantly. It is great catchy, '80s minimalistic synthpop. Check them out!

Various Artists - Machineries of Joy volume 5

I just had to buy this Out of Line records compilation when I first heard the tracks by Blutengel and Solitary Experiments. It was love at first listen for me.

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