Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Artists and bands whose music I really need to add to my collection

This morning as I was listening to some tunes on youtube, I realize that there are a slew of artists/bands whose music I really need to add to my music collection hence this latest blog entry ;).


I first heard of Chiasm back when I was using Myspace for music and loved her music right away. For some odd reason, I have yet to get any of her music. I definitely plan on buying her latest album soon. From what little I have heard, it sounds terrific.

Detroit Diesel

I discovered this group on Facebook a year or two ago and loved them right from the get go. Really need to get their latest album Coup 'dEtat one of these days.


I have been really putting off on buying their album Love On Demand. I don't know why. I just love their brand of synthpop. I think my next online purchase will be Love On Demand. I personally love female-fronted synthpop.

Sopor Aeternus

Serenity Rise

I honestly don't like making new year's resolutions since in the past I never kept them but if I did, I would make the resolution in buying music from these artists whose music I have enjoyed listening to online yet don't have in my music collection. As a fan the least I can do is show my support and buy their music. That I am determined to do this year resolution or not.

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