Friday, May 17, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Noblesse Oblige: In Exile

Noblesse Oblige

After getting hooked on Noblesse Oblige's most recent single "Runaway" last month, I decided I needed to check out their music. I decided on the duo's first album In Exile. I was immediately hooked on the duo's music. It is really hard for me to really describe Noblesse Oblige's sound. There definitely is elements of new wave,dark cabaret, and punk rock thrown into the mix. I think I will let the clips I have posted speak for the group's music. I will say that it is obvious that they don't take themselves too seriously. I detect a sense of playfulness in their music and lyrics rarely heard in a lot of music I listen to nowadays. Anyways here a few clips from the album.

Ayria: Plastic Makes Perfect

Ayria bandcamp page

Yesterday in the mail, I received copies of Ayria's Plastic Makes Perfect and Helalyn Flowers' White Me In, Black Me Out albums. I had pre-ordered the 3 disc version of the album which 2 of them features remixes. While Plastic Makes Perfect is no Debris or Hearts for Bullets (my favorite Ayria albums), Plastic Makes Perfect is still your typically fun Ayria album. All of the songs are bouncy and energetic as one would expect from Jennifer Parkin. What really struck me is how Jennifer Parkin not only just signed a picture card of herself but also the outside and inside of the box case that my CD came in, and not just her John Hancock either. She left a brief yet detailed message for me. I have met a few artists in the scene here and there over the years, of all those artists Jennifer is my favorite. She is the most fan friendly musician I have had the joy of meeting. I hope to get an updated pic of me with Jennifer next week at The Triple Rock for the Project Pitchfork show.

Project Pitchfork with Ayria on May 23

Helalyn Flowers: White Me In, Black Me Out

Helalyn Flowers

I have to admit this is my favorite album right this very second. I am really impressed with the new HF album. In the past, their albums have been uneven with me (i.e some good songs with a bunch of filler) but White Me In, Black Me Out is awesome from start to finish.I ordered the two CD version of White Me In, Black Me Out and I am so glad that I did because they do some kick ass covers of "No Limit" by 2 Unlimited and "Pet Cemetery" by The Ramones on the second disc. On the first disc, there is a killer cover of PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me". The original material on the first disc has really shown me what this band is capable of and that is a great album that is consistent from the first track to the last track. I love how the band blends hard rock with electronica and pop music together to create one cohesive sound, almost like The Birthday Massacre but harder IMHO. I would definitely recommend getting this album, especially the two disc version. The remixes are quite good if I do say so myself.

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