Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My favorite releases of 2015 (so far)

Well it's June, just halfway through 2015. I have to admit 2015 has been not as good as the last 3 years for music with me.  I haven't been buying much music lately for various reasons (trips and, and some I wasn't impressed with (i.e Blutengel and Solitary Experiments). It isn't to say that I haven't heard any good music. I just haven't heard as much as I have in the past 2-3 years. That said, I thought I would share with my readers my favorite releases from 2015 (so far).

Dark Matter is my current favorite album at the moment. The music is a mix of everything I love...shoegaze, trip hop, dreampop. Of course one of the members used to be in my favorite '90s alt-rock band Curve...Dean Garcia.

Another great release I have heard this year. Imagine The Luna Sequence with vocals.

A grossly underrated release by an equally underrated band.

Love this tribute album to De/Vision. The interpretations by various synthpop acts is fantastic.

Camouflage: Greyscale

Fantastic synthpop album from the legendary synthpop band. I definitely recommend buying it.

Ego Likeness: When The Wolves Return - yeah I bought the new album at their show. I have been totally digging the new Ego Likeness album. Ego Likeness can do no wrong in my book.

I had no doubts Floor would make for a great lead singer for Nightwish. Not only does she kill it on the old Nightwish songs in concert but she sounds amazing on the new music. Anyone who has doubts about her needs to go see Nightwish for their upcoming second leg of the American tour next year. She just kills it in concert on a couple of songs from the album Oceanborn.

My go to album when I am not in the mood for heavy metal, industrial or synthpop music. I love how well this group harmonizes. Fantastic music.

Dekadenz is easily my favorite futurepop album of 2015. I enjoy listening to the latest albums by Angels and Agony and Neuroticfish but Frozen Plasma knocks their albums straight out of the ballpark with their latest release with their talent for writing super catchy pop hooks and club friendly beats.

Unfortunately I haven't heard much local music this year. The debut by Moon and Pollution is the only local album I have heard so far this year.

I also love VNV Nation's album Resonance. Very well done. I love the classical interpretations of their music.

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