Saturday, June 6, 2015

My ten favorite Delerium songs

Tonight after watching the Minnesota Lynx clobber Indiana Fever in Indiana, I put in my favorite Delerium album Poem into my stereo. It quickly inspired me to share my 10 favorite songs from one of my favorite electronic bands from the '90s.

10. Paris

This song was from their Best of album released in 2004. It is one of the few more poppier songs that I honestly enjoy (a lot of it has been a mix bag for me). I just love the sample from Pachelbel's "Canon" in this song.

09. Shroud

This song is from their darkwave/ambient days on Cleopatra and on the album Syrophenikan. Really like the tribal percussion rhythms on this track.

08. Otherworld

Taken from the album Spheres II It is my favorite track from that album. This is not as dark as some of the band's darkwave/ambient music. It is more light with the chimes.

07. Fragments Of Fear

From the album Morpheus.

06. Monarch

Music Box Opera wasn't an awful album like some of the more recent albums by Delerium but it sure as heck isn't one of their best. My problem with their current sound is that it has gotten way too poppy. I do love this particular track because it has a bit of a Middle Eastern flair to it thanks to singer Nadina.

05. Angelicus

The only song I like off Nuanges Du Monde which I felt was the worst album Delerium put out.

04. After All

One of the few songs I liked on Chimera.

03. Flowers Become Screens

So many great songs on Semantic Spaces but this is one of my personal favorite songs.

02. Enchanted

From Karma.

01. A Poem For Byzantium

From Poem, this always has and always will be my favorite Delerium song. Love the l yrics, vocals, and music.

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