Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs of the Week

Old Favorite Songs:
IAMX: Running

My all time favorite IAMX song. Love the heartfelt lyrics and the melodies. I am so looking forward to seeing IAMX in October.

Babes in Toyland: Magick Flute

My favorite song off "Fontanelle". I hope the band plays this song on Sunday at Rock the Garden. So excited that I will be finally seeing them for the first time.

Limahl: Neverending Story

I can never get sick of this classic from the '80s.

New Favorite Songs:
Kaskade: Angel On My Shoulder

I was listening to the latest Kaskade album on my commute home from work. This song quickly became my jam of the moment.

Marcoda: My Imagine

Really digging the new stuff from Marcoda which features ex-Empyrean Asunder member Jerry Barksdale. Sad to see Empyrean Asunder go but I love what I am hearing from Marcoda.

Pegasus Asteroid: They Hate Us

Fantastic track from Pegasus Asteroid, off their EP The Fog.

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