Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Purity Ring at First Avenue

Just got back from First Avenue tonight to see the Canadian duo Purity Ring with Born Gold and Braids (both also from Canada). I got to the show a little late because I didn't get off work until 4:30 (already had gone in early because of a dentist appointment and needed to use that time to make up for the time gone to get my teeth cleaned). I stopped by Chipotle to pick up some dinner so I could eat something before the show. By the time I got to First Avenue, Born Gold was already performing. I'll just let the youtube clips speak for itself about the band's sound. From what I heard, I enjoyed what I heard from Born Gold.

The music is definitely very poppy but not very mainstream. Super catchy as hell. They were highly entertaining to see live.

Braids' music was quite good too.

Both bands reminded me of Purity Ring. They both blended electronica and pop music together quite well. The songs had good pop hooks too.

Purity Ring was fantastic. The stage setting was beautiful with the hanging lights. In case you missed my pictures, you can find them on my Instagram account. The band performed both old and new songs. It was a fantastic concert which one cannot miss seeing, the band is a very visual live band. As new fan who has never seen the band perform live, it was a real treat to see Purity Ring live. They sounded just as good live as they do on CD. I definitely recommend checking out their new album. I am really glad I opted to go to the early show than stay with the later show.

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