Saturday, April 2, 2011

Legends of Synthpop tour review

I am a little late with my review. I have been getting ready for my impending move to downtown Minneapolis later this month.

This past Thursday night was the first show for the Legends of Synthpop tour featuring Iris, De/Vision, and Mesh with Milwaukee synthpop band Somegirl opening up the show. The show was a collaboration between Lana's Promotions and Kilted Farmer Koncerts. Gotta give credit to both Svitlana Moore and Trace Tumbleson for putting on the show.

Somegirl began the show with a short set of their brand of synthpop. Good stuff. I have been a fan since my days as a music reviewer for The first time I had seen Somegirl was in 2009 as opening act for Freezepop at the Triple Rock. Fast forward 2 years later, the group has expanded to four members with another keyboardist and vocalist. Most of the songs they performed was from their 2007 album The Velvet Hour with a couple of older tracks thrown in.

After Somegirl, was fellow A Different Drum synthpop band Iris. This was my first time seeing them live. I liked what I heard from the band. I am not really familiar with most of Iris's music but I liked what I heard from them that night. Before the concert started I bought their latest album Black Light. I am enjoying it immensely. I recorded some live footage of Iris but I have yet to upload it on to youtube yet. And I certainly will have to check out the band's other albums too.I have managed to upload 2 clips featuring De/Vision and Mesh which I will post soon.

De/Vision was the second act on the show. To be honest, they were the band that I came to see that night. That was my third time seeing De/Vision. I was not disappointed. They played quite a few songs of their 2010 album Popgefahr with a couple of Noob and an older track here and there. I was very pleased to see them perform 2 of my favorite songs off their latest album "Plastic Heart" and "Flash of Life".

Mesh was the last to go on. To be perfectly honest, I was not impressed. I like a few Mesh songs here and there but their music didn't do much for me. My personaly problem with Mesh is a lack of a memorable pop hook in a lot of the music that they write. I ended up leaving GZ early because their music (and lack of a decent melody) got on my nerves, plus I had to work the following day. Of course I will say they were much improvement over Angelspit whose music I really don't like. At least Mesh has a few songs that I like but otherwise, gimme bands like Minerve and Blume who really knows how to compose a song with a memorable pop hook.

Before I forget, here are my video clips of Mesh and De/Vision. I will try to post the other 2 clips of De\Vision and Iris sometime in the next couple of days.

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