Monday, April 4, 2011

My thoughts on the current state of music

Last night I was briefly chatting on FB with one of my friends and how unimpressed we have been with Metropolis Records' recent releases/signings. I thought I would put my thoughts down in writing on my blog. I should note that I only speak for myself and no one else so my views on this topic is strictly my own and may possibly irk some who are diehard fans of Metropolis Records.

I don't think I even bought or ordered online anything that was released on Metropolis Records in 2010. That's a telling sign of my growing cynicism to one of my once favorite record labels. Most of the stuff I have been buying online is either via A Different Drum records, ebay, CDBaby,  at concerts, local record stores, or through an actual artist. As I am looking at the current list of upcoming and new releases from Metropolis Records, all my mind can think of is "does the public really need a new Clan of Xymox album?" The band just released an album last year. Then there is KMFDM who keeps regurgitating, er, churning out the same old stuff. I forgot the last time KMFDM really blew me away, and they do truly suck. The only album I see on the list I do plan on acquiring is the new And One album Tanzomat, but even that can't make me feel all giddy like I used to when I started getting into the industrial/synthpop scenes.

I can almost say the same about Alfa Matrix. Almost. At least they aren't flooding the market with subpar music that is predictable and safe. I am so looking forward to the next Stray album sometime this year. When? It is anybody's guess. And I am hoping that Diffuzion will be putting out a new album this year as well. I have heard one new track from them and I totally dug what I had heard. I am still waiting for the Philadelphia band Syrenn to put out a full length album but since their split from machineKUNT records, that may be awhile. The last I heard from Angie Maddox and company is that they are in the recording studio. I think they would be a good fit on Alfa Matrix or maybe even Shinto Records.

At the moment right now smaller record labels like A Different Drum, Shinto, Radio-Active-Music really seems to be more interested in putting out good, quality music in smaller numbers than mass production.  I am finding that bands like Sensuous Enemy, Cylab, Psyborg Corp, Angels on Acid, Silent Auction, and Phantoms of the SS and their music to be much more engaging and fun to listen to than say the more familiar names that can be found on Metropolis Records and Alfa Matrix. The older I get, the more cynical I become thus tonight's blog topic.I still enjoy the sounds of VNV Nation, Combichrist, De/Vision, ect...ect... but I find myself thinking that limiting one's view of our genre to certain records labels is rather dreary. God bless youtube. I am always finding something new and interesting.

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