Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thought Thieves EP release party

Last night at Ground Zero was Thought Thieves' EP release party for their new EP Krista. Of course I went to the show because: A) I totally dig Thought Thieves, B) Doubleplusten's debut live performance (this is ex-Heliosphere member Andrew Davies' new project), and C) my favorite local band Pop Incorporated. I had a ton of fun. Of course I took some photos and shot some video footage.

When I got to the show, I got a free copy of Krista (as did a lot of the clubgoers, if not all). It is pretty gutsy I say for a band like Thought Thieves to give their music out for free. I will review their EP here for another time but all I can say is that it is very good.

All of the bands sounded awesome. I was really impressed by Doubleplusten. I am totally looking forward to seeing Andrew's new project live in the future. His music was more in the vein of say Rotersand unlike his former band whose style of music would be considered aggrotech. Of course I was really impressed with Pop Inc who never ceases to disappoint me. Last night they had added a few more people to the group like Ollie from The Trapezoids and Ficshe. They also included a guitarist which added a whole 'nother dimension to their brand of infectious new wave/punk music. Finally Thought Thieves went on and put on as always a really great set featuring both old and new songs. I ended up leaving the show with a copy of Brooke Aldridge's other project Lolly Pop (which I really like) and a Pop Inc t-shirt (given to me as a gift for the video I shot of them performing in 2010 at Ground Zero). All in all it was a fabulous night. The headache I had from my drinks not so much. LOL!

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