Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 so far

Well it's June. Half of the year has come and gone. I thought I would list some of my favorite albums from this year. This list isn't in any particular order so no picking favorites just yet ;-).

Otep: Atavist

I have been really enjoying the new Otep album. Granted I could easily live without hearing the spoken word crap, the rest of the album is really fabulous. The music is much heavier and aggressive than the previous which was okay but really nothing to write home about.

i:Scintilla: Dying & Falling

i:Scintilla can really do no wrong in my book. Their music keeps getting better and better with every album.

Blutengel: Tranenherz

I keep coming back to this album time and time again no matter what cds I had bought at local record store or online. Tranenherz has rekindled my love for the German electropop band.

Solitary Experiments: The Great Illusion
Okay so this really isn't "new" music by Solitary Experiments but they did release it in 2011. The Great Illusion is a 2 cd set of the band's first 2 albums that are out of print.

Thought Thieves: Krista

Krista is one of my favorite local albums of 2011 (just waiting for Pop Inc's album to be released later this year). The band's sound of synth and rock is just a joy for me to listen to on a regular basis. It is short yet sweet.

Bio: Heroes Secrets

Great obscure Russian synthpop band whose singer has a voice deeper than the Grand Canyon. LOL! All the songs are sung in Russian but that makes no difference to me. I just love the melodies and the singer's voice.

Dismantled: The War Inside Me

I bought the new Dismantled album last weekend at the FLA show in Minneapolis. This is my first Dismantled cd that I bought. I have been listening to the cd a lot.

Lady Gaga: Born This Way

I admit it...I love this album (except for a few tracks). It's fun and catchy. The music is a nice break from the angst and nihilism of industrial music. Lady G's music also makes my work day go a lot more quicker because I am humming along to the music.

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