Monday, June 20, 2011

CD reviews of the week

Last week I was treated with a $50 gift card from my boss for never having called sick at work so guess how I spent my gift card? On music of course! LOL.

Sirenia: The Enigma of Life

After being unimpressed with the previous Sirenia album, I wasn't sure whether or not to get The Enigma of Life. I decided to go for it since it wasn't my money. I am so glad I bought it. The album is better than I expected. I thought the material is stronger than on 13th Floor both lyrically and musically. Ailyn has really come on to her own on The Enigma of Life. Her vocal performance is spot on as far as I am concerned. Morten wrote some of the most beautiful lyrics that I have heard in this genre of music. I am even brought near to tears on the song "Winter Land". The lyrics really moved me. I also totally dug the choral vocals through out the album. That just added a whole new depth to the music and gave Morten and Ailyn a bigger sound. I have read a lot of negative comments about The Enigma of Life online. I definitely disagree with the negativity. I really am enjoying the new Sirenia album. The album has a good balance of aggressive guitar riffs, haunting lyrics, and delicate vocals. This album has brought my attention back to gothic metal once again.

Leaves' Eyes: Meredead

This is second album I picked up over the weekend along with the new Sirenia album and another cd I will soon mention. I have to admit this cd required a few listens for the music to really sink into my head. What really stood out with me on the new Leaves' Eyes album is the celtic influence through out the album. The melodies on the album weren't as memorable as those on the new Sirenia album however Liv Kristine's gorgeous vocals makes up for that slight flaw. Another big plus is the minimal use of Alexander Krull's vocals. I am definitely no fan of the cookie monster on acid type of vocals (unless it is Vas Kallas of Hanzel und Gretyl...LOL). Overall I am very pleased with the new Leaves' Eyes album. I like the celtic sound coupled with their gothic metal sound. The combination works so well together or at least for me it works.

Various Artists: This is Neo-Goth

I used to have this album 5 years ago but due to my then financial situation, I had to sell it for some cash (that or starve). When I went cd shopping this weekend, I found a copy in the used cd bins. I was delighted and of course took it home that day. The cd consists of three discs, the third being a mix cd by DJ RiB (as in Razed in Black). This is one of my all time favorite compilations. It introduced me to The Birthday Massacre and L'Ame Immortelle. There are also some kick ass remixes like the Apoptygma Berzerk remix of "Sweet" by Switchblade Symphony. It feels good to me to have this cd back into my collection. I have missed listening. Not crazy about some of the songs but overall I enjoy it.

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