Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Freezepop with The Echoing Green, The Trapezoids and Ficshe

As always, I have some photos and video from the latest Kilted Farmer Koncerts production. Last night was the Boston synthpop band Freezepop who made their third visit to Minnesota at Ground Zero. New Mexico band The Echoing Green co-headlined the show with their brand of synthpop/rock. Local acts The Trapezoids and Ficshe opened for the two bands.
Freezepop with The Echoing Green, The Trapezoids, and Ficshe
Ficshe started off the show. Her music is a mix bag of industrial and trip hop music. I really dug her sound a lot. You can check out Ficshe's music on her ReverbNation page.

Up next was The Trapezoids, this quirky synthpop duo who has been around for many years. I have to admit I am not crazy about the band but I do have to hand it to them for their quirky sensibilities and the fact that they don't take themselves too seriously. They ended their set with their song Yellow Meat. I have to admit that song has grown on me but it hasn't made me a fan of their music in general. They aren't bad by all means, just not my cup of tea.

Up next was the New Mexico band The Echoing Green. I had been looking forward to seeing the band since I found out that they were going to be performing on the same bill with Freezepop. I have listened to a good number of their songs online and have heard a couple of their albums. I'll be perfectly honest. I didn't particularly care for their most recent album In Scarlet and Vile. I really wanted to like it but I just wasn't feeling the melodies or the vocals on that album. Anyhoo...while at GZ, I picked up acopy of The Winter of Our Discontent as well as Stars and Sirens by Pristina.
The band's live show was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing them live. They had lots of energy and the songs really connected with the audience too. While the band is known as a Christian band, there was nothing overtly religious about the band's music or their live set that night. I could certainly hear their religious beliefs in their lyrics however I did not think they came across as cheesy and silly as a lot of Christian rock music comes off (to me at least). I did manage to record a couple of songs from their set.

I really enjoyed their New Order cover. Granted I prefer the original but still I thought the band did a good job interpreting the song to mesh their own sound.

Finally was Freezepop. I will have to admit the first two times I had seen the band live ranks higher than last night's show. I think that was due to the mediocrity of the songs off their latest album  Imaginary Friends. Their older material is much more interesting IMO. Nevertheless the band was a lot of fun to watch on stage. What I really appreciate about Freezepop is their interaction with their fans. It is obvious in their live shows and their fans truly loves them. People were tossing underwear, a minature toy bike, and a bag of beef jerky on stage for the band which was a real hoot. Despite the mediocre tracks from their new album, I was pleased to hear a good number of songs from their previous albums like "Front Load", "Stake Out", and "Bike Thief". I did record video footage of one of their songs but I am having difficulty uploading it on to youtube. If I can  get it uploaded on to youtube, I will post the clip here.

Overall last night was a lot of fun. I did get a free Freezepop out of the show while waiting outside of GZ in the miserable hot and humid weather. Lots of good music to be heard. I will certainly post brief reviews of the cds that I bought at the show probably later in the week.

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