Friday, June 17, 2011

Updated list of new releases

June Releases
Bunnydrums - Holy Moly (28)
Siva Six - The Twin Moons (17)
Krystal System - Nuclear (17)

August Releases
God Module - Rituals (09)
Acessory - Underbeat (09)
Dance or Die - Nostradamnation (09)
Left Spine Down - Caution (23)
Bunnydrums - PKD (23)

September Releases
Diary of Dreams - Ego:X (13)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Black EP vol 2 (13)
Download - FiXer (13)
Lords of Acid - Mighty Little Rabbit (27)
Download - Helicopter + Wookie Wall (27)
Melt - Emissions of Hypocrisy (27)

I am definitely excited for the new Diary of Dreams. I have recently re-discovered my love for that band courtesy of youtube (of course). I think I am going to wait for the actual Lords of Acid album as opposed to buying remixes. Remixes for me a hit or miss but I am probably boring those who read this blog regularly with the obvious. LOL! Despite my loathing for Apop's last two studio albums and the band itself, I have to admit the Black EP looks really appealing. I may or may not get it. Also as a reminder Stray and Pop Inc. will also be putting out new albums in September so those are a must have for me. September looks like it is going to be an awesome month for new music. Yay for me since my birthday is in September :).

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that Imperative Reaction and God Module will also be putting out albums in September. Judging by the sounds of the new IR single "Surface", their new album might be worth checking out IMO.

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