Friday, June 10, 2011

CD Reviews of the Week

The Echoing Green: The Winter of Our Discontent

This was one of the cds I bought at the Freezepop show earlier this week. I have been wanting to get this particular album because I have enjoyed listening to a few of the songs on youtube. After being unimpressed with the band's most recent album In Scarlet and Vile, The Winter of Our Discontent is definitely right up my alley. It is more synth-orientated which was lacking on In Scarlet and Vile. The melodies, vocals, and lyrics all fit together nicely into one package. The overall sound of the album is much more lush and mellow. I can listen to The Winter of Our Discontent from "Daybreak" to "Winter" without skipping a track. The lyrics are thoughtful and often emotional. It is obvious that Joey is inspired by his family and life in general. The songs are all well written. The Winter of Our Discontent is a solid synthpop album of high quality. The music exhudes a warmth rarely heard in electronic music. This is one album that should be in those who appreciate modern synthpop music.

Pristina: Siren and Stars

Stars and Sirensis the second album I bought at the Freezepop show. There was a 2 for $20 deal going on. I have always wanted to buy this particular album for a long time but never got around to it until now. I am so glad that I bought this album. The music has been getting lots of play in my boombox. I absolutely love this album that Joey Belville created with the assistance of some lovely singers. The music itself is lush, seductive trip hop perfect to listen to on a rainy night like tonight. The women featured on the albums includes Chrissy Jeter of The Echoing Green, Anita Robinson, Monica Schroeder, Sarah Masen, and Alicia Luma. All the women have beautiful voices that meshes perfectly with the gentle electronic beats. The lyrics are as beautiful as the music and vocals. I think this is an album worth checking out if you are into trip hop music.

i:Scintilla: Optics

I have been a fan of i:Scintilla for some time now. I love their fusion of industrial, techno, and rock music. I am often reminded of bands such as Curve and Garbage. I have been needing to get a hold of their second album Optics for a long time. Optics is fanastic. I was not disappointed. A few of their songs from The Approach have been given a make over and have a harder, edgier sound to them. The version of Optics I have is the limited 2 disc. The second disc is full of remixes. As I have mentioned on past blog entries, remixes are a hit or miss with me but in this case, the remix disc is just as good as disc one that consists of the original versions. There really isn't a single song on the album that I felt like hitting the forward button on my remote control to my boombox. All of the songs are excellent. Brittany Bindrim and company are definitely a force to reckon with.

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