Saturday, March 24, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow

Belly: Star

School of Seven Bells: Ghostory

The Jesus and Mary Chain: 21 Singles

10,000 Maniacs: Our Time in Eden

Mankind is Obsolete: Trapped Inside

Aiboforcen: Dedale

I recently made a trip to The Electric Fetus to try to use up my Xmas gift card from work. I ended up guying the first five albums listed here. The Mankind is Obsolete and Aiborforcen cds were acquired a couple of weeks ago. Right now I am on a '90s kick hence the Belly, 10,000 Maniacs, This Mortal Coil, and The Jesus and Mary Chain cds.

I used to own the Belly album on cassette but I sold it years ago. When I listened to the album for the first time in over a decade, I was totally blown away just how good the music sounded. "Dusted" and "Gepetto" are my very, very favorite tracks off the album. I first heard of This Mortal Coil when I bought their album Blood (which I sadly sold). I came across Filigree & Shadow in the used cd bins at the Fetus. I am glad I bought it. It's very mellow and relaxing.

When I was in high school/college, I was a big 10,000 Maniacs fan. Our Time in Eden was my favorite album by the band. I bought a used copy. I have missed listening to that album. The album still remains a favorite of mine. It's a timeless classic for me.

For sometime now, I have been wanting some music by The Jesus and the Mary Chain in my cd collection. While at the record store, I found a used copy of 21 Singles. It goes without saying that it went home with me. Totally digging this compilation.

It's funny. I really didn't care for the first School of the Seven Bells album but I decided to pick up their latest album Ghostory while record shopping. I am glad I did. I really like the album which is a mix of pop, shoegaze, and electronica music.

The Mankind is Obsolete and Aiboforcen albums are really good. I particularly love the Aiboforcen album. Kinda reminds me of Ayria (BTW...Jennifer Parkin sings on their cover of U2's "New Year's Day"). I love all the albums. For a few of them, it is a trip back in time to my youth.

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