Friday, March 16, 2012

New releases

iVardensphere - I Dream in Noise remixes Vol.2 [June 12]
Skinny Puppy - Bootlegged, Broke And in Solvent Seas [June 12]
Assemblage 23 - Bruise [June 12]
Decoded Feedback - diskonnekt [June 12]
16 Volt - LetDownCrush [June 26]
Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions II [June 26]
Cesium 137 - Science and Sound [June 26]
Heimataerde - Gottgleich [June 26]
You can also see what else Metropolis Records will be releasing in the coming months. Good stuff I say.

On May 4th, Alfa Matrix will be releasing the new albums by Freakangel (Let It All End), Alien Vampires (Clubbers Die Younger), and of course Stray (Letting Go). You can buy all three albums by March 30th. Of course I pre-ordered the new Stray album last night. As for the upcoming Metropolis releases, I am most excited about the new Decoded Feedback and Assemblage 23 albums.

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